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Hawaii is widely recognized as one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Encircled by white sandy beaches, dotted with swaying palm trees, the islands evoke images of paradise.  The weather is extremely friendly, the environment a perfect mixture of rugged terrain and peaceful splendor, and the sights to see are beyond compare.  Often called the island of fun and sun, Oahu remains the most sought after Hawai'ian destination among visitors.  One of the most coveted exotic locales in the world, tourists can easily explore the entire island of Oahu by bus or by car.  The North Shore of the Island finds surfers and others enjoying year-round the warm blue waters of the Pacific.  The island is always bursting with activities of all kinds including island-style fairs, cultural festivals, ocean activities, concerts, and Hawai'ian music and dance.  The adventurous visitor can seek greater heights and astounding views from atop Diamondhead Crater, which stands just east of Oahu's hub, Honolulu, a city of immense diversity and pride.  Home of Waikiki Beach, Honolulu offers visitors all the comforts of home while maintaining an atmosphere of tropical bliss.

To satisfy the palate, Honolulu offers gourmet diners the opportunity to enjoy the best of haute cuisine in tandem with the warm hospitality of Hawai'i.  In addition, delicious local food is not to be missed, traditionally prepared and served with the Island's casual flair.  Shopping is also first-class in Honolulu, with stores offering everything from luxury items to souvenirs.  Of course, the spirit of Aloha beckons, as do the breathtaking beaches of the Island where visitors can be found every day of the year enjoying temperatures ranging from 15-32 C (60-90 F).

Hawaii Beach While Oahu attracts most visitors of Hawai'i, each island destination offers its own unique brand of paradise, from endlessly spilling waterfalls to coral reefs teeming with tropical fish.  Inter-island transport is possible and encouraged among the visitors of Hawai'i.  The new Inter-island Terminal at the Honolulu International Airport makes visiting other islands and catching connecting flights nearly effortless.  Of course, one virtue shared by all of the Islands is the Hawai'ian culture which resonates with echoes from Asia, Europe, and South America.

Customs/Entry Information
Visitors travelling from outside the United States must have a valid passport for entry into the United States.  Entry visas are required for travel from some countries.  Please verify the entry documents necessary by contacting your local U.S. Consulate office, or your local travel agent.
Currency Exchange
The money system in the United States is based on dollars ($) and cents.   International currency exchange services are located at banks throughout the city.   The closest bank to the Hawai'i Convention Center is the First Hawai'ian Bank located at 1580 Kapiloni Boulevard, +1 (808) 943-4437.  Some larger hotels may also offer limited currency exchange services.
Electric Voltage
The electrical voltage system in the United States is 110 volts.  If you are traveling from a country outside of North America, you will need a proper voltage converter and adapter in order to operate your electrical appliances.
Hawai'i's climate is extraordinarily consistent, with temperatures ranging from 15-32 C (60-90 F) all year long.  The average summer high is 30 C (87 F) while high temperatures in winter months average 26 C (80 F).  In May, visitors can expect the daily maximum temperature on Oahu to reach 28 C (84 F), while the average daily minimum is 21 C (70 F).  The precipitation level on Oahu in May runs an average of 2.29 cm (0.9 in.).  The year-round ocean temperature hovers between 22 C (72 F) and 24 C (76 F).  In Hawai'i, dress is generally casual and weather-appropriate.
Ground Transportation
Transportation to and from the airport: The Honolulu Airport is a 20-30 minute drive from Waikiki, depending on traffic.  Costs currently range from about US$18 to US$20 by taxi.  The official State of Hawai'i Airport Shuttle will take you to any Waikiki hotel for US$8 per person one way or US$13 round trip.  This convenient, air-conditioned, daily shuttle departs Honolulu Airport every 30 minutes, on the medial strip outside of the baggage claim area.
Golf Information
Currently, there are 32 public and private golf courses on Oahu.  The 21 courses open to the public range from modest 9-holers to world-class championship courses that attract some of the biggest names in golf with their tournaments.  More information regarding golf courses on Oahu can be found at http://www.visit-oahu.com