2019 Winners

 2019 Winners

Grand Jury Award

The Astronot directed by Tim Cash

Special Jury Prize

Believe The Beat directed by Jocelyn Edelstein

Special Jury Prize

The Last Free River directed by Abram Boise

Best Feature

Occupants directed by Russ Emanuel

Best Action Sports Film

Can't Steal Our Vibe directed by Graham Nash

Best Animation

Temptation Of Saint Francis directed by Johnnie Semerad

Best Documentary Feature

The Lure of this Land directed by Alexandra A Lexton

Best Environmental Film

Transecting Borneo directed by Scott Sporleder

Best Short Film

For the Greater Good directed by Michael Gavino

Best Documentary Short

Family Run: Mauna to Mauna HD directed by Charles Wu

Best Foreign Film

The Sleeper by the River directed by Manuel Sanchez

Best Director

Echoes in Silence directed by Viktoria I.V. King

Best First-time Filmmaker

Reinventing Rosalee directed by Lillian Glass

Best Screenplay

Glass directed by Brionne Davis, written by Darren Barnet

Best Hawaii Film

Fire and Sand directed by Lorraine R. Freedle, PhD, Sarah Echsner

Best Music Video

Jeu de Scène directed by Joe Hoster

Best Television Pilot

Lucky directed by Riley Wood

Best Student Film

Fallen Feathers directed by Matthew Torres-Gomez

Feature Screenplay Competition

First Place : Heads Above Water written by Paul Herbig

Second Place: Take The Shot written by Jim Norman

Third Place: Trial by Trial written by John Martins III

Short Screenplay Competition

First Place Evangeline Final written by Corey Kloos & Emily Kloos

Second Place Living in the past written by Bernhard Riedhammer

Third Place Legend of Nepia written by Jason Anthony Fisher & Dane Ngahuka

Official Finalists

The Real Deal written by Timothy Sharer

Eats You Alive written by Zack Eagles

Crippled Wing written by C Jeffery Evans

Loop De Loop written by Ryan Barnes

Ube Bubog, vol. one, #School of Hard Knocks written by Sway Stagall

H is for Haole written by Will Staszak

Win-Eyed Monster: The Devil in Randy Dong written by James Hunter

Myosotis Love written by Charlie LaTourette

Game of Life written by Timothy Mendonca

Reparations written by Renee M. Jones

One Night At Sea written by Karen Ragan-George