2016 Winners

Grand Jury AwardDuo
Directed By Karl E. LandlerWhen Melanie begrudgingly agrees to give Marcel, a French mime who doesn't speak english, a ride to his audition in Las Vegas, they both have to overcome their differences to prevent this trip from being a disaster.

Special Jury Award Intersection
Directed By Tim French A broken man, haunted by a car crash that claimed the life of his daughter, returns every year to the same small town where the fateful accident occurred.

Best Feature Film Of Sinners and Saints
Directed By Ruben Maria SoriquezLeonardo Rossellini is a young Italian priest from Rome. He is assigned to a parish in Payatas, headed by a courageous Spanish priest. Payatas is one of the poorest areas of Metro Manila, Philippines, where all the urban wastes of the metropolis are dumped and processed.

Best Documentary FeatureLove Thy Nature
Directed By Sylvie RokabNarrated by Liam Neeson, Love Thy Nature is a cinematic immersion into the beauty and intimacy of our relationship with the natural world.

Best Short FilmThe Laws of Attraction
Directed By Andreas GrafVincent is looking for the perfect woman but is not having much success, until he runs into his old school friend Diego, who initiates him into the laws of attraction and helps him find the woman of his dreams. But will the conquest last?

Best Documentary ShortSwim to Africa
Directed By Brett Drogmund, Howard HannaFollow the stories of these swimmers as they battle the freezing elements across two continents. Dodging huge shipping tankers while trying to reach an unfriendly Moroccan border agents is just the beginning.

Best Foreign FilmIndefinite
Directed By Kane George JasonBarbara is in her late thirties, single and childless. On a cleaners wage, she eventually saves enough to go through with the IVF treatment she's longed for, only to have devastating results.

Best of DirectorI've just had a dream
Directed By Javi NavarroIrene is eight and she just woke up from a horrible dream.

Best First-time DirectorThe Sin of Those Who Love Us
Directed By Vasco de OliveiraSomething unexpected brings Vitor back to the house where he was born. His return awakes ghosts from the past and a war long ago locked within this family.

Best ScreenplayDOPADO
Directed By Piotr WieckowskiIt’s getting late. Aleks’s wife hasn’t come back home yet. Their 3 year’s old daughter Emilie refuses to go to sleep.

Best Student FilmGrandpa Arnold
Directed By Anatoliy KimAfter the death of his grandmother, Kevin must spend his summer with his grandfather in a boring small town, but they start bonding when Kevin falls in love with the girl next door.

Best Hawaii FilmPolo
Directed By Edo NatashaA seasoned Special Forces officer arrives in Hawaii to fulfill a dream for his best friend that was killed in action.

Best Animation ShortThe Blue & the Beyond
Directed By Youri DekkerThe Blue & the Beyond is the story of a young, imaginative man named Charlie, who is searching to find someone like him in a world where he is different in every way.

Best Action Sports FilmFrom the Cliff
Directed By Mary PillerMen, women, groms and old-timer surfers from POV of a spectator watching all the little dramas happening out on the water from the cliff above.

Best Music VideoL.O.V.E. Machine
Directed By Alfred Lindahl

Best Environmental FilmBeneath Wallace's Line
Directed By Nick Dean, Cheryl DeanOne of the areas of the world with the widest range of endemic biodiversity remains virtually unknown to many people. Known as Wallacea, it is located in the coral triangle within the Pacific ring of fire, and is home to many unique species both above and below the water.

Best Television PilotThe Comeback Kids
Directed By Ryan Paul JamesTwo former child stars, from the 80's, have decided to make a comeback in a business that has greatly changed since they were big stars.

2016 Gold Kahuna Winners

Feature Film Competition
Tears Of Ghost directed by Natasha Dematra
As Long as it Takes directed by Kevin Michael Irvine
The Boatman directed by Greg Morgan

Short Film Competition

Green Lake directed by Derek Frey
Bondage directed by Esquire Jauchem
Petey's Misadventures directed by Christabel Savalas
Shevenge directed by Amber Benson
I’ve just had a dream directed by Javi Navarro
Pioneer High directed by Suha Araj
Jackie Boy directed by Musashi Alexander
A Special Place directed by Matt Gray
On Making directed by Patrick Moser
Game On directed by Jennie Crystle

Documentary Short Competition
The Storm Downstream directed by Jesseca Simmons
After 9/11 directed by Ranjit Koka
Running without the ball directed by Sander Nap
WITCH! directed by Suzanne Mackay
The Boyash directed by Daniela Apostoaei

Documentary Feature Competition
Blood On The Coal directed by Jeff Bird
The Inner Life directed by Holger Klussmann
USA PROJECT directed by Miguel Herrero Herrero
Nathan East: For The Record directed by Chris Gero
Children's Planet directed by Ranjit Koka

Animation Film Competition
Poutnik directed by Keith Lango
The Rockin' Dead: Enter Popacalypse directed by James Ishizaki

Music Video Competition
J.K. The Reaper // "Exodia" directed by Joshua Yates
Waiting For Sunday "The Love Is Gone" directed by Colin Everall

Foreign Film Competition
Filial Piety Award directed by Chen Jian-zhang

Television Pilot Competition
25 & Counting directed by Akkim Lee

Student Film Competition
Eastern directed by Luke Galati
The Schoolboy directed by Paloma Lommel
Marriage Tools directed by Jacob Mariani

Enviornmental Film Competition
On the spot - Brazil directed by Eszter Cseke, Andras S. Takacs
A Quest for Meaning directed by Nathanaël Coste & Marc De la Ménardière

First Time Filmmaker Competition
Land of Smiles directed by Bradley Stryker
Strobe Light directed by Ryo Katamoto
The Hike directed by David Fugett

2016 Silver Lei Winners

Feature Film Competition

DisAssociationVille directed by James Christopher
The Closer directed by Eli Hershko
We Promised directed by Nancy Hamilton Myers

Documentary Feature Competition
Women are the Answer directed by Fiona Cochrane
Wonderful World 3D directed by Kalle Max Hofmann
The Last Tear directed by Christopher H.K. Lee
Trial By Fire a film about CRPS/rsd directed by Charles Mattocks
LGBT United directed by Luciana Lagana

Documentary Short  Competition

Auction Insider: The John Zimmer Collection directed by Eric Benson
Living The Stoke 2 Fiji directed by Rob Pirie
One Voice directed by Talora Michal
Panopticon: Prison island directed by Valeriy Pereverzev
Generation Right directed by Michelle Coomber

Short Film Competition
ANNA directed by Dorothée Pierson
Suck it, boss directed by Joe Rendon
Cruxberry directed by Jamie Oon
Barrio Dos: Pintados directed by Erykah Del Mundo
Race Against Time 2015 directed by Jamon Holmes, Frank Munden
The Candy Girl directed by Joshua Costea
Coffee Virgin directed by Hart Perez, Devon Perez
The Rabbit Hole directed by James Desir
Trigger directed by Christopher Folkens

Student Film Competition
I am in your Bed directed by Tsubasa Matsumoto
Beyond Shattered Lenses directed by Avree Ito-Fujita

Music Video Competition

The Gift directed by Chris Gero
Away directed by Rodney Daughtrey

Foreign Film Competition
BEN directed by Vipin Atley

Television Pilot Competition
Morningside TV Movie Pilot directed by Debbie P. Kelley
Handle Your Business directed by Norma D. Davis

Enviornmental Film Competition
Baobabs between Land and Sea directed by Cyrille Cornu
Cold Feet on a Winter Wander directed by Jamie OOn

First Time Filmmaker Competition
Crypsis directed by Paul Anthony Rogers
Paradise Island directed by Kathleen Jayme
Tamago directed by Koji Hirano

2016 Aloha Accolade Winners

Feature Film Competition

Let's Play Ghost directed by Damien Dematra
Shades of Darkness directed by Ian Adema
Maskoun directed by Krystle Houiess, Sharif Abdunnur

Documentary Feature Competition
Understanding Pain in Older Age directed by
The Chosen Few 2 (Life of an AFL Captain) directed by Peter Dickson
Aging and Falling directed by Luciana Lagana
Revelation 12 directed by Micheleangela Florentina Brilliance
A Different Life directed by Shahaf Peled
A Candle Lights The Heart directed by Shinji Kondo

Documentary Short  Competition

Scaling Down: The Miniature World of Dioramas directed by Greg Mercer
The Semiotones directed by Adriana Monti
The Moment JFK Died- Remote Viewing The Afterlife directed by Dick Allgire
Heavy Metal Greg Goes to the Grammys directed by Gregory Graham

Short Film Competition
The Art of Human Salvage directed by Dempsey Tillman
Bound for Greatness directed by Jimmy Gadd
Two For the Show directed by Michael McCallum
Brookesville directed by Jun Kuang
The Eve directed by Luca Machnich
"La Liberacion de AlEXIS / The Discovery of Santos" directed by Ralph Isenberg, Executive Director, Joe De La Fuente
Mayda directed by Abhi Kumar

Student Film Competition
Scatter Bolt directed by Jordan Dove
Hungry directed by David Carlone

Music Video Competition

Only Wanna Party directed by Brian Kohne

Environmental Film Competition
Don't mess with the Sharkies directed by Richard Rabelbauer

Television Pilot Competition
Dr. Luciana on Aging and Falling directed by Del Weston and Nabi Z

First Time Filmmaker Competition
Balloon Ride directed by Evan Hughes
Tai Chi directed by Sheng Fei, Rosen Andonov
Glen's Village directed by Dorian Geiger