2016 Screenplay Winners

Congratulations to the Winners and Official Finalists of the 2016 Honolulu Film Awards Screenplay Competition!

Screenplay Competition Winners

Feature Competition

1st Place: “Seriah's Legacy” written by Julie M Kaufmann

2nd Place: “Silent Rescue” written by Todd Sorrell

3rd Place:"Patchwork” written by Amanda Keener

Short Screenplay Competition
1st Place: “Life Time” written by Nir Shelter

2nd Place:"HI Conflict” written by Robert Barclay

3rd Place: "The Girl Who Cried Wolf” written by David Brichetto

Feature Script Official Finalists

Madame Facades written by Charles Laulette
Level 5 written by Jamon Holmes, Daniel Furuya, Daniel Louis
The Key For Hope written by Federico Ferrero, Chance Miller
Fluffdog the Cat written by George Scholomite
Iron Akua written by Joachim Jupiter
Deadly Invisible Enemies Miniseries written by Harold Brown
Flower Child written by Tracee Beebe
Mob Chick written by Theodore Carl Soderberg
The Hoopla written by Thomas Nesti
Fireflies written by Amanda Keener
Renaissance Man written by Robert Tolz

Short Script Official Finalists

Time Skip written by Owen Thomas
No Tears written by Bill Stephens
He Is My Music written by Vicki Bartholomew
Ascent written by Brough Hansen
Vodoun written by Stuart Creque
Steel Harvest written by Christiaan Kutlik
Honey, see you next year! written by Yuchen Qu

Honorable Mentions
Frogman written by David Brichetto, Anthony J. Sperduti, Luigi Sperduti
Premonitions written by Frank Mario Quaglia, David Evan Watson
101 Ways to Survive the End of the World written by Tracee Beebe
USNB-22 written by Warren R Hull
Hell's Playground written by Gregory P. Wolk
D. T. written by Ken Comer
The Abolitionists written by Leslie Lyshkov
Love written by Bill Redding
The Job Offer written by Massimiliano Mauceri
Santa's Secret written by Maggie Franks
Infinity written by Chris Bonneau, Heather Ellingwood
Branding written by Charles Laulette
Things To Do Before Leaving written by James Byrne