2012 Winners

Irvin Welshs Ecstasy Grand Jury Award Irvine Welsh's Ecstasy Directed By Rob Heydon Ecstasy is a romantic comedy, a transformational love story from the love of ecstasy to the ecstasy of Love.
Menschenliebe Special Jury Award Menschenliebe Directed By Alexander Tuschinski Arnold Richter studies physics, loves opera and writes novels. Not exactly the hobbies most women find attractive! Time for a change: Somehow, it has to be possible to learn how to seduce any woman within a few days. Just like 'Don Giovanni' does in Mozart's opera! Luckily, he finds an experienced teacher soon, and with each successful seduction, more and more 'Don Giovanni' elements sneak into his world...
Viti Special Jury Award Viti (Fiji) Directed By Dustin Bancroft Alice and Edmond, two 1840s missionaries are sent to Fiji to convert the cannibal natives to Christianity. But first they must convert the King. Will they sacrifice their lives to save others souls?
Strings Special Jury Award Strings Directed By Mark Dennis and Ben Foster In the wake of his daughter's death, a troubled musician seeks out an experimental therapist to turn his life around. When the therapist calls for him to leave everything behind and take on a new identity, the musician realizes his new life isn't what it seems and his therapist is using patients to commit vigilante crimes.
Volunteer Jury Prize Volunteer Directed By Mariah Wilson A filmmaker and travel enthusiast embarks on a global volunteering adventure that takes her from the coral reefs of Fiji to a wildlife sanctuary in Uganda. Follow her journey and see how for the price of a plane ticket you can help affect global change.
Marathon Boy Jury Prize Marathon Boy Directed By Gemma Atwal Marathon Boy is the story of Budhia Singh, the youngest marathon runner ever. At 4, he is plucked from the poverty of an Indian slum by his coach. Extraordinary drama and tragedy ensue. What starts as a simple inspirational story - the hope of a small boy and his trainer who unite to pursue a dream in a ruthless world - goes on to reveal the darker side of humanity and the complexities of Indian society as it struggles to come to grips with the realities of the slums, slum gangs and crime, and state-sanctioned corruption.
40 West Jury Prize 40 West Directed By Dana Packard Maeve a Blues singer, is trapped in a motel room in Texas with two criminals, both recently released from prison. Each man seeks absolution for wrongs he has perpetrated against Maeve by punishing the other on her behalf. The situation is complicated further when the mistress of one of the criminals arrives, with her crime boss husband Bud Sankey (Wayne Newton) hot on her trail.
A Little Bit Zombie Best Feature Film A Little Bit Zombie Directed By Casey Walker Infected with a virus during his bachelor party, a mild mannered Human Resources manager attempts to fulfill his overwhelming desire for brains and avoid Max, the obsessed Zombie Hunter hot on his trail, all while trying to keep it together so as not to incur the wrath of his bridezilla-to-be.
Go For Broke! Best of Hawaii Go for Broke! Memories of Hawai'ian Japanese'Niseis' Directed By Hiroyuki Matsumoto In Japan, the hardship of the emigrant of the first generation is known. However, the heard ship in the different style of the Nisei is not known. Of course they are American, but they are a specific generation. This is a memory of the Niseis who grow up in Hawaii and watched the 20th century of Hawaii.
8 Second Dance Best Animation 8 Second Dance Directed By Trey Moya and Howard Cook Meet Bart Tyler, a cocky up-and-comer in the dangerous sport of professional bull riding. Live the passion and drama, as a documentary film crew records Bart's struggle to escape his father's looming shadow, the infamous Bill 'The Buzzerbeater' Tyler, and become the champion he was meant to be..
Randy Parsons: American Luthier Best Biography Randy Parsons: American Luthier Directed By David Aldrich 'Randy Parsons: American Luthier' is a documentary short about a Seattle guitar-maker whose client list includes Jack White, Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, and many other well-known guitarists. Here is a short biographical film that inspires viewers to do what they love in life and work -- even if that may require taking a second look at your dreams and finding a different way to be a rock star.
Hi Honey Best Comedy Hi Honey Directed By Peter A. M. Henderson When Julia turns forty, she looks for her present from Bill and finding nothing, she reflects on a romantic life of waiting and asking permission for what she needs. Knowing that they are not just man's best friend, she goes out and adopts a stray dog from the pound and starts again.
The Green Rush Best Coming of Age The Green Rush Directed By Jason Edwards This sympathetic documentary looks at the issues confronting one group of Northern California pot growers and articulates the frustrations they face in a unique business that many regard as the most practical way to feed their families. For decades, outlaw marijuana cultivation has been a huge 'hidden' industry fueling much of the region's economy, but pot farmers have remained subject to harassment and arrest by federal law-enforcement agencies.
Dot Got Shot Best Crime Dot Got Shot Directed By Carlos Ramos Jr. and Honey Lauren New York detective, Dot Forman, is suffering from PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of a bullet that is lodged in her head.
Painting Bolinas Best Director Painting Bolinas Directed By Wendy Elkin Bolinas, California; a haunt not unlike a Steinbeck novel, is an ocean side town teetering on the edge of the Pacific serves as a living back-drop for a film about a 90 year old artist, Peter Lee Brownlee, his zany friends and a woman who wants to save his paintings from ruination.
Italy: Love it or Leave it Best Documentary Feature Italy: Love It or Leave It Directed By Gustav Hofer Luca Ragazzi Two Italians need to find out they should stay or leave their hometown of Italy, like so many of their friends have. Follow these two as they take an emotional adventure.
Birds of the Rainforest Best Documentary Short Birds of the Rainforest Directed By Jim Denny A survey of Hawaii's Native Forest Birds. Discover what makes them so special, their current status and challenges for survival.
Though Im Not Perfect Best Educational Film Though I'm Not Perfect Directed By Stacey Sargeant Though I'm Not Perfect exposes the physical and psychological dangers of the ballet world on young girls and the role dance teachers play in it.
Carbon for Water Best Environmental Film Carbon for Water Directed By Evan Abramson Carmen Elsa Lopez Abramson In Kenya's Western Province, most drinking water is contaminated. The wood many Kenyans use to boil this water to make it safe is increasingly valuable. Carbon For Water introduces audiences to the inspiring people who face these hardships, and explores one company's innovative solution for improving the health of millions of Kenyans and the environment in which they live.
Giant Monsters Attack Hawaii! Best Family Film Giant Monsters Attack Hawaii! Directed By Dane Neves Hawaii's answer to one of Hollywood's most distinguished film concepts with a family friendly twist: it is told through the point of view of an unqualified giant monster on rampage in Waikiki.
Tokyo Playboy Club Best Foreign Film Tokyo Playboy Club Directed By Yosuke Okuda A new 'Battle without Honor and Humanity' is born! Nao Omori and Asami Usuda star in 'Tokyo Playboy Club', the debut film from 24 year old Yosuke Okuda, an edgy action driven rookie director. It's a story of the Tokyo underworld delineated by irresistible imagery, a sense of rhythm and violence, all tinged with humor.
7 Years Underground: A 60s Tale Best Historical Film 7 Years Underground: A 60's Tale Directed By Jason M. Solomon In 1964, co-club owners, Howard and Elly Solomon were finally granted "unique" cabaret license and the Cafe Au Go Go opened its doors on February 7. Six weeks later with mounting legal bills and depleting funds the couple were quickly going out of business. With few options, Howard and Elly made a desperate, late minute attempt to keep the club open and reached out to popular comedian, Lenny Bruce. Two days into Lenny's performance he was arrested and booked for obscenity charges, alone with Howard and Elly. That historic arrest, and the international press it garnered would put the Cafe Au Go Go on the entertainment world map.
Slip Cue Best Independent Short Slip Cue Directed By Robin Kupferman Slip Cue is an engaging glimpse into the electronic music industry and scene, serving as a catalyst for aspiring DJs and producers to transform a passion into a career but is it about the people or the process of what they do and how they do it?
Oh Luv Best Music Video Oh Luv Directed By MAGZ Magda Sztompka The telling of a story of Love that you can find around the corner...
The Kook Best Sci-Fi The Kook Directed By Nat Livingston Johnson Gregory Mitnick Fa is a gentle and unassuming member of an eccentric religious sect in the Catskill Mountains. On the eve of her group's scheduled 'departure from Earth', Fa discovers that their alien leader, who appears to them as a hologram transmitted from a far off galaxy, is crossing signals with a man named Malcolm, who lives nearby. Fa sets out alone into the 'real world' to find Malcolm and get to the bottom of this perplexing and untimely mis-communication.
Nefarious: Merchant of Souls Best Screenplay Nefarious: Merchant of Souls Directed By Benjamin Nolot A sober look into modern-day slavery that is designed to explore sex trafficking horrific issue and uncovers the shocking truth that people are being sold in sex markets in some of the world's most 'developed' countries. Nefarious brings an array of experts from around the globe, lending their insights in a desperate attempt to find an answer to the crisis of the day.
Best Man Best Short Film Best Man Directed By Edward Figueroa A long time attraction for an allien doll could ruin marriage plans for Harry, unless his fiance, Angie, has the strenght to separate them.
Actors Anonymous Best Television Pilot Actors Anonymous Directed By Bryan Stratte The Non-tourage, rehabilitating actors back into society using a 12 step program.
Fractured Minds Best Thriller Fractured Minds Directed By Frank Battiston A couple journeys into a road trip in search to save their marriage. As their problems resurface, a horrific evil creeps out from the darkness. It is now up to the couple to stay together and fight for their lives.
Best Action Sports Still By Numbers Directed By Bec Kingma There are two constants that control the 75 year old Mavis's life, one is her domineering husband Norman, the other is her type two diabetes. When Norman blames Mavis for loosing the Lodge Presidency, the veil is finally lifted from Mavis's eyes, she sees for the first the tragic life she is bound to.
Best Drama Masque Directed By Robert Hatch Defying a fate of destruction and despair, a scarred and evil prizefighter, henchman, and gambler conscripts the artful skills of a gifted benefactor who proffers the hope of a mythical journey of...
Best Mockumentary Roomies Directed By Christabel Savalas A single mid-aged woman decides to have a roommate to cut down her high rent and expenses. Having one bad roommate experience after another, she finally uses a roommate referral service in order to find more people. Things go from bad to worse with the odd assortment of zany characters and scheming neighbors during interviews for roommate hopefuls she gets from her ads.
Best Student Film After School Directed By John Wakayama Carey A Chinese American boy resents his mother after she is continuously late picking him up for school, until a confrontation alters his perspective.
2012 Gold Kahuna Winners

Feature Films
Bedouin - Directed By: Igor Voloshin
Brush - Directed By: Shiyan Zheng
Currency - Directed By: Brad Rosier
Five Hours South - Directed By: Mark Bacci
Off Shore - Directed By: Sven J. Matten
Red Scare - Directed By: William Dautrick
Seven Eves - Directed By: Mark Nordhagen
Weeding Out - Directed By: Georgy Kao

Action Sports Films
Silent Night - Directed By: Bec Kingma

Animation Films
5 Minutes Each - Directed By:Vojin Vasovic
The Dream of Ore Magi - Directed By: Evan Curtis

Documentary Films
47 Miles: March to Destiny - Directed By: Gregg Cummins
Between Today and Tomorrow - Directed By: Junko Kobayashi
Boom Varietal - Directed By: Sky Pinnick
Flight To The Wall - Directed By: Bill Matson
Knocking on the Devil's Door - Directed By: Gary Null
Orchids - Directed By: Phoebe Hart
The World's Most Fashionable Prison - Directed By: Chun Kit Mak
Too Sane For This World - Directed By: William Davenport
Valmara - Directed By: Christoph Vieth
Wigge's Tauschrausch - Directed By: Michael Wigge

Hawaii Films
Breathe Life - Directed By: Antje Beyen

Music Videos
Chapel Song - Directed By: Matthew Mills
Eye of the Storm - Directed By: Christopher Alender
Mutant Calculator - Directed By: Alexander Tuschinski

Screenplay Competition
Apparition - Written By: Roi Costa
Devil's Valley Justice - Written By: Harold Brown
Dirty Business - Written By: Haik Hakobian
Full-Metal Alchemist - Written By: Mathew Brengman
Loveband - Written By: Nicola Pedrozzi
Lucky Numbers - Written By: Aimee Garabics

Short Films
2-Star - Directed By: Jacob Halajian
Absent - Directed By: Richie Siegel
Delivered - Directed By: Charles Willis
Just Three Words - Directed By: Graeme Finlayson
Mary and Bill - Directed By: Andrew Napier
Men Who Don't Work - Directed By: Alexander Atkins & Andrew Franks
Room Service - Directed By: Tariq Nasir
The Audition - Directed By: Matthew Toffolo
The Maiden and the Princess - Directed By: Ali Scher
Work Hard, Play Harder - Directed By: James Newman

Student Films
Christmas Reeve - Directed By: Mateusz Subieta
Look to the Cookie - Directed By: Lindsay Lindenbaum
Speak Out The Documentary - Directed By: Alex Vander Vlugt
The Monster - Directed By: Matthew Childs
Why Does God Hate Me? - Directed By: Joel Ashton McCarthy

Television Pilots
MILF Money - Directed By: Aaron Preist

2012 Silver Lei Winners

Feature Films
A Cigarette for the Road - Directed By: Alessio Giorgetti
Dreams Awake - Directed By: Jerry Alden Deal
Lost Bladesman - Directed By: Felix Chong & Alan Mak
My Unknown - Directed By: Kevin Bradshaw
Odd One Out - Directed By: Pawel Wendorff
Open Road - Directed By: Marcio Garcia
Poised - Directed By: Randall Sawka
The Tang of Lemon - Directed By: Ikki Katashima

Animation Films
Orange O Despair - Directed By: John Banana
The Game - Directed By: Marcin Janiec

Documentary Films
Beyond 360 - Directed By: Luis Goyanes
Falling Into Space - Directed By: John T. Schuld
Floating  Weeds - Directed By: Hyun kyung Kim
L'or des Autres - Directed By: Simon Plouffe
My Glass Odyssey - Directed By: John Waterman
New York Showcase - Directed By: Albert Uria
Roadmap to Apartheid - Directed By: Eron Davidson & Ana Nogueira
Tear The Whole Thing Down - Directed By: Matt Gray
The Discussion - Directed By: Gen-Eric
Vancouver Vagabond II - Directed By: Heath Tait

Hawaii Films
Byte-Sized - Directed By: Sherrie Robertson

Music Videos
Beethoven Burst - Directed By: Ankit Love
Wayfaring Stranger - Directed By: David Sander
We Own This City - Directed By: Marc Ruiz

Screenplay Competition
Last Call at Mac's - Written By: Elizabeth Carol Thompson
Otherwise Engaged - Written By: Jonathan Todd Ross & Jeff Tabnick
Politics in the Park - Written By: Kelli Chillson
The Lamplighter - Written By: Myriam Roelli
The Muffin Conundrum - Written By: Diana Woody
This Is The Sea - Written By: Michael Ian Farrell

Short Films
2 Scoops of Love - Directed By: Rebecca Berrih
7 Minutes - Directed By: Carlos Hagene
Blood Hollow - Directed By: Brad Gaylard
Limbo - Directed By: Barry Gray
Men in Mind - Directed By: Blaine Anderson & David Willinsky
Misguided - Directed By: Alejandro Leopardi
Postcard Mafia - Directed By: Gregorius Grey
Terms Of Employment - Directed By: Glynn Turner
The Neighbors - Directed By: Christopher Werner
The Sirens Call - Directed By: Andrea Behring

Student Films
Derek & Lucas - Directed By: Raymond Yeung
I am Alive - Directed By: A. James Marcolin
It Rain's On Everyone - Directed By: Bryan Kelsey
Look - Directed By: Ryan Pickett
Mommy Loves You - Directed By: Joy Ji Yang

Television Pilots
Ms. Vampy's Tween Tawk, Teen Tawk & In Between Tawk - Directed By: Brooke Lewis

2012 Aloha Accolade Winners

Feature Films
48 - Directed By: Bonginhlanhla Ncube
Billy - Directed By: Winston Washington Moxam
Camilla Dickinson - Directed By: Cornelia DuryƩe Moore
Fatalis - Directed By: Simon G. Mueller
Just the Vampire Hunter - Directed By: Dustin James Leighton
Shadow Monologue - Directed By: Wei Zhang
Supporting Characters - Directed By: Daniel Schechter

Action Sports Films
Chapters Surf Movie - Directed By: Jeremy Briggs & Joey Joyce

Animation Films
Libidinis - Directed By: Rosa Peris Medina & Mercedes Peris
Triboluminescence - Directed By: Benjamin Ridgway

Documentary Films
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - Directed By: David Schmidt
BoardRoom - Directed By: Markus Davids
Finnsurf - Directed By: Aleksi Raij
Mystery of the Giant Crystals - Directed By: Javier Trueba
The Economics of Happiness - Directed By: Steven Gorelick, Helena Norberg-Hodge & John Page
The Fourth World - Directed By: Mark Volkers
The Skin I'm In - Directed By: Broderick Fox
Where's My Stuff - Directed By: Zohar Kaniel

Music Videos
Hounds Below: 'All These Thing' - Directed By: Marc Ruiz
House on Normandy - Directed By: Marco Bottiglieri
The Particles: Taken Away - Directed By: Fred  Khoshtinat

Screenplay Competition
Everybody's Eating Ralph - Written By: Shelley Krawchuk
Nekropolis - Written By: Kevin Walker
The Mythfits - Written By: Nicky Julius

Short Films
Ajar - Directed By: John Bush
Antim Ardas - Directed By: Jaginder Singh
Augenblicke - Directed By: Martin Bargiel
Click Click Click - Directed By: Michael Attanasio
Mayhem - Directed By: Richard Blake & A.I. Moore
Mind Thinks Heart Knows - Directed By: Michael Reisch
No Rest for the Wicked - Directed By: Ryan Schifrin
Reflector - Directed By: Dave Hill
Snow - Directed By: Maria Kubysh
Winter's Scourge - Directed By: Ian Adema

Student Films
Escolta - Directed By: Gabriel Franz
Harana - Directed By: Sheila Flores
Hawkins Hill - Directed By: Sara Seligman
Laid to Rest - Directed By: Jonathan Knapp
The 36 - Directed By: Nic Weinfeld

Television Pilots
What's Life Got To Do with It? - Directed By: Noah Weisberg & Cameron F ife