2010 Screenplay Winners

Congratulations to the Winners and Official Finalists of the 2010 Honolulu Film Awards Screenplay Competition!

Feature Screenplay Competition Winners

1st Place: “Piano Lessons” written by Nevada McPherson
2nd Place: “Macau Twilight” written by Tony Shyu
3rd Place: “Buddhahead” written by Steven M. Hirohama

Short Screenplay Competition Winners

1st Place: “Samoten Ostrav” written by Penka Monova
2nd Place: “You Don’t Know Bertha Constantine” written by Andrew Kightlinger
3rd Place: “Carla” written by Christoph Schinko

Official Finalists

“Yesterday Never Forgets” written by Marvin Curtis Reid
“The Apostles’ Creed” written by K. C. Schrimpi
“Robbing Hoods” written by Joe Reiter
“Seven Thousand” Islands written by Gary White
“A Family Jihad” written by Tom Reed
“Dealers” written by James Bromberg
“Burn” written by Derek Willis
“A Reverence for Spiders” written by Faiza Ambah
“The Orphan Whose Name Was Writ in Water” written by Carson Medley
“Season of Mists” written by Kevin Brodie
“Ghost of a Chance” written by John Andreini
“Joy Stick” written by Harold Brown
“Ghost Net Kingdom” written by William McCowatt
“They Might be Kennedys” written by Ted Collins