2013 Winners

Walk The Light Grand Jury AwardWalk the Light Directed By Anthony Sabet Working inside a Walk/Don't Walk traffic light isn't as easy as it looks.
William The Magnificent Web Special Jury AwardWilliam the Magnificent Directed By Shawn Shekarchian 1937 London. When an orphan by the name of William begins work for a magician, he discovers there are no tricks and that all the magic performed is real.
Playing Through Special Jury AwardPlaying Through Directed By Paul Wagner Best friends Paulie and Harry are enjoying a leisurely round of golf on the local links. Their slow pace of play, however, frustrates the group behind them. When a ball is hit at Paulie from behind, a breach of etiquette quickly escalates into a dangerous conflict. Trapped in a sand bunker, the two close friends confront their adversary as well as long-standing issues with their own relationship.
Playing Through Special Jury AwardPlaying Through Directed By Paul Wagner Best friends Paulie and Harry are enjoying a leisurely round of golf on the local links. Their slow pace of play, however, frustrates the group behind them. When a ball is hit at Paulie from behind, a breach of etiquette quickly escalates into a dangerous conflict. Trapped in a sand bunker, the two close friends confront their adversary as well as long-standing issues with their own relationship.
The Willing Best Feature FilmThe Willing Directed By Tom Schneider Five strangers are invited to a secluded desert mansion for the reading of a will belonging to Lusiano Barrato, an eccentric billionaire none of them have ever met. Mystified yet intrigued by the lure of millions and the seeming fulfillment of each of their desires, the five strangers are forced to confront each other and their own morality when faced with the dilemma of Lusiano's twisted proposal: to claim their prize, one of them must die before dawn.
Spaghetti Fur Swei Best Short FilmSpaghetti Fur Swei Directed By Matthias Rosenberger The likeable but lonesome man is on his way to lunch. Awaiting him, the outside world lurks menacingly: in his imagination it swarms with would-be crooks, hussies and criminals. What should have been a routine stroll develops into a dark odyssey, triggering a troubled conflict against himself and against the world... and ultimately, it is the underdog who is victorious.
Blood Brother Best Documentary FeatureBlood Brother Directed By Steve Hoover Rocky Braat never really liked kids. But because of whimsical choice he made five years ago, he now lives in Tamil Nadu India, caring for a group of HIV positive orphans. They're his life-- and his visa is up for review. The odds are he'll be sent away from those he loves most. The only chance he has is to become an Indian citizen, and let go, forever, of any hold his friends and family in America still have on him.
LA Aboriginal Best Documentary ShortL.A. Aborignal Directed By Daniel Lir and Bayou Bennett A film about the life and background of dynamic artist, Dave Tourje, who was influenced by the energetic L.A subcultures of skateboarding, surfing, gang culture, motocross and hot rods.
A Family Dinner Best DramaA Family Dinner Directed By Peter Davenport Four adult children return home for a family dinner at their parents' New England house for the first time since the eldest son's marriage four years earlier, when something happened to keep them apart. Everyone joins in the cooking, gossip, laughter and teasing, and they all enjoy a formal dinner together until boundaries blur and tension and confrontation between the brothers lead to a shocking discovery.
My Journey as Basketball Man Best of HawaiiMy Journey as Basketball Man Directed By Timothy Huynh An inspiring documentary about Rashaun Daniels's journey on becoming the street performer "Basketball Man."
Telling A You Best AnimationTelling A You Directed By Margarethe Baillou Set on the island of Bermuda in the 1960s, "Telling A You" is an animated short film featuring the voices of Bermudian actors, Dimitri Philpott and Lexy Correia. The story captures the romantic 'meet-cute' of a man and a woman colliding at a street corner. While this may not appear noteworthy, his memory lovingly recalls every detail of the incident, thus turning a seemingly ordinary moment in time into an extraordinary moment in two people's lives.
Mousse Best ComedyMousse Directed By John Hellberg What could be easier than robbing a small tobacco shop on the outskirts of town? It's during the year's biggest horse race event and the betting center Washington's Tobacco looks like the ultimate hit for some fast cash. Mousse is a man of pride and principles and is fed up with living as a second-class citizen. But what happens when he faces principles different to his own?
ROCK01 Best Sci-FiROCK01 Directed By Erdi Yao ROCK01 is a 2D animation, which tells the story of a robot who finds a way to communicate with limited expression, and ultimately defeat a legion of alien invaders.
Open Pit Best Environmental FilmOpen Pit Directed By Gianni Converso Open Pit, a ninety minute documentary, explores the impacts of gold mining, one of the most lucrative industries in the world. The film gives an intimate look into the lives of native populations in Peru, their customs and traditions currently being threatened by the world's intense demand for gold.
Mountains in Motion: The Canadian Rockies Best Experimental FilmMountains in Motion: The Canadian Rockies Directed By Doug Urqugart Mountains in Motion: The Canadian Rockies is an experimental short documenting the life of the alpine landscape through time-lapse photography. In an effort to highlight the wildness of these mountain places and how they have inspired explorers of the past, present and future, sequences were painstakingly gathered from exposed summits; by glacial lakes; and under aurora-filled skies.
I Spy With My Little Eye Best Foreign FilmI Spy with My Little Eye Directed By Gunda Aurich It was supposed to be a nice weekend in the countryside. But when an argument breaks out between Laura and her boyfriend Hans, she's brought to question their getaway. Her doubts are made stronger when she meets a stranger in the forest. Who tells the truth? What is beneath the appearances? Who can she trust?
Trained Best Historical FilmTrained Directed By Anthony Jerjen During the thirties, a magician named Leonard is on the verge of bankruptcy. To avoid it, he decide to perform the biggest and most dangerous trick of his career, despite the advice of his manager.
Let Your Light Shine Best Music VideoLet Your Light Shine Performed By Bianca and Chiara D'ambrosio The purpose and mission of their project is to go head-to-head with bullies. Bianca and Chiara's mission is to ensure that all youth are safe and protected from bullying, and to prevent tragedies that can result from bullying, harassment, and discriminatory conduct.
The Dissapointment of Jonathan Bender Best DirectorThe Disappointment of Jonathan Bender Directed By Joey Lanal A man begins to loose his grip on reality as the lines between fantasy and real life slowly begin to blur in his delusional mind.
Contain the Cry Best First-Time DirectorContain the Cry Directed By Z. Zoccolante When two high school girls Cassandra and Tiffa are paired up for a class assignment they stumble upon each other's darkest secrets and form a friendship that gives them the courage to seek help for their issues.
The Little Girl Best ScreenplayThe Little Girl Directed By Timothy Wayne Folsome A pastor is kidnapped by a desperate man and forced to commit a horrible sin in order to save his pregnant wife.
Dont Take This The Wrong Way Best Television PilotDon't Take This The Wrong Way Directed By Ryan A. Markle One guy lives in the past, another unhappily stuck in the present, and a third is just plain delusional. A typical day becomes a journey in futility that ends in a reality check for all three of them. Will they figure things out together or continue on their three separate, stubborn paths?
Blood on Canvas Best ThrillerBlood on Canvas Directed By Gerard Pizarro Inspired by true events, 'Blood on Canvas', a legal drama, follows the intersecting lives of a talented and struggling artist, Emma, and an ambitious and brash young lawyer, Henry. Henry's client is Emma, an aspiring San Francisco painter who escapes from her domineering mother and tumultuous home life to follow her dreams and artistic aspirations.
Water Warriors Best Action SportsWater Warriors Directed By Anna Jerstrom Water Warriors showcases the strength and courage of female surfers and beautifully depicts how the traits of a warrior parallel those necessary for surfing. These girls take on waves like they are going into battle; they charge the break without fear in hunt for the next wave of their lives.
Mr. Bellpond Best Student FilmMr. Bellpond Directed By A. Todd Smith 23.7 years after his wife disappears, the once-famous Mr. Bellpond composes a new masterpiece before a blackmailer burns whatever evidence might lead him to his wife.
undercard hon Best Crime FilmThe Undercard Directed By Sarah B. DowneyDylan a young mother is forced back into a life of crime in order to find out information about the kidnapping of her son. She partners up with her old crew which leads her to an underworld of bare knuckle fights, mobsters, and ruckus. Dylan finds out that her husband hasn't been truthful, and a young detective informs her that she has the grandson of one of the most powerful west coast mobsters. A story of a woman chalking everything to the game.

2013 Gold Kahuna Winners

Feature Film Competition
Haunting Love directed by Ting Liang
Lost for Words directed by Stanley J. Orzel
Generation Last directed by Joel Juarez
Life Just Is directed by Alex Barrett
Turkey Day directed by James Christopher
Summer Dream directed by Tyler Nisbet
In The End directed by Ishwar L. Maisuria
Blood Rush directed by Evan Marlowe
Little Monsters directed by David Schmoeller
Teenagers directed by Paul Verhoeven

Documentary Film Competition
Everything Will Be Alright directed by Niko von Glasow
Naked Ambition directed by Joe Wihl
Saving 10,000- Winning a War on Suicide in Japan directed by Rene Duignan
Open directed by Ivalo Frank
God Has Arrived directed by John Urich-Sass
Energy! O Energy! directed by Mark Pedri
Trusting Todd directed by Kevin Welch
Back Home "A Tale of a Warrior's Battle" directed by Cornelius Porter
Music City USA directed by Chris McDaniel

Short Film Competition
Devil's Temptation directed by Neryong Ci
El Lago directed by Jennifer Nicole Stang
The Silk directed by Nathalie Boltt, Clare Burgess
A Very Dangerous Man directed by Mazen Khaled
Disarray directed by Chandradeep Das
Arrastre directed by Ana Teresa Fernandez
Seance directed by Tallie Brinson
A Mother's Love directed by Camille Mitchell
Bumsicle directed by Lee Goldberg
Far directed by Brian Crewe

Hawaii Film Competition
10- Williams directed by Richie Cerda
SPIT- The Story of a Caveman and a Chicken directed by Jonathan Stimac

Animation Film Competition
Old Angel directed by Dony Chiang
Sinsis directed by Carmen Lioret

Student Film Competition
The Color of Moonlight directed by Naga Kataru
Fourth and Orchard directed by Jordan Price
Abracadabra! directed by Catriona Warren
Flawless directed by Navjyot Brandiwadekar
Brothers in Arms directed by Melissa Balan
Time to Go directed by Anna Ruth Rosenblatt
HU's Game directed by Shaun Seong-young Kim
Nighthawks directed by Jesse Powell
He Had Fidelity directed by A Lawrence Dreyfuss
Magnetic directed by Freddy Rabbath

Music Video Competition
El Duelo directed by Jennifer Nicole Stang
Gettysburg Address directed by David Sander
Addicted directed by Lindsey Haun
Daddy's Eyes directed by Carlos Hurtado

Screenplay Competition
Anathema - written by Tracey Maye
No Simple Highway - written by Jason Peers
Talion - written by Kenny Heidt
Freedom at Midnight - written by Jeffery Ryback
The Next Ten Minutes - written by Ellen Raines
The High Mesa Colony - written by Thomas Pace

Television Pilot Competition
Animal Control directed by Brian Shckelford

2013 Silver Lei Winners

Feature Film Competition
The K Effect. Stalin's Editor directed by Valenti Figueres Jorge
Route 30, Tool directed by John Putch
Divination directed by Ben Pohl
The Silent Thief directed by Jennifer Clary
Credence directed by Fred Kouefati
My Earl Grey directed by Jacob Swanson
Ogiwara Ikuzo, 63 years old directed by Morihiko Hasebe
Sal directed by Diego Rougier
Nailbiter directed by Patrick Rea
Dog Years directed by Warren Sroka

Documentary Film Competition
10,000 MEN directed by Jane Wells
Room to Breathe directed by Russell Long
Driving Blind directed by Brian Griffo
Bible Storyland directed by Stephanie Hubbard
J, Robot directed by Michael Garrigues
Conscious Love directed by Ajah-Denish Christine Fambo-Demarteau
War on Heath, FDA's cult of Tyranny directed by Gary Null
Toni and Rosi directed by Logan Lipton

Short Film Competition
Highway Child directed by Jake Macpherson
Goose Family directed by Seung Yeob Lee
The Swimmer directed by Giovanni Basso
Trent directed by Carlos Hurtado
I Hate You Red Light directed by Mathias Horhager
My Time Machine directed by Levi A Taylor
O Pesar da Duvida directed by Rafael Nani
The History of Chance directed by Max Blustin
Stigma directed by Phil Shwartz
The Intruder directed by Majid Alansari

Hawaii Film Competition
If I Were Bell directed by Sherese Robinson Lee
Parts of the Same Circle directed by Denny Hironaga & Eric Nemoto

Animation Film Competition
The Cold Heart directed by Hannes Rail
SkyChaos directed by XiaoMing Zhang, Li Jin

Student Film Competition
Moon Yale directed by Hunter Wolk
Malaysia. Day one. directed by Anna Mazini
Reclamation directed by Dave Lehleitner
The Settler directed by Maram Ashour
Not at Home directed by Arielle Kilker
BRO directed by Prasong Suphachadiwong
Marty directed Geoffrey James
Escape Act directed by Jaron Downs
Fighting Spirits directed by Gene Kim
Lucid Dream directed by Grace Lee

Music Video Competition
Waiting for Godot directed by Caitlin Pashalek
My Dream Girl directed by Carlos Hurtado
Malk De Koijn "En Gang" directed by Kira Richards Hansen

Screenplay Competition
AKA The Hammer - written by Larry Thomas
The Things My Father Never Taught Me - written by Burleigh Smith
Be My Eyes - written by Dustin Stevens
Deadly Invisible Enemies - written by Harold Brown
Friday, I'm In Love - written by Seth Kuhn
Refills - written by Vicki Bartholomew

Television Pilot Competition
The Bathroom Diaries directed by Jake Barsha

2013 Aloha Accolade Winners

Feature Film Competition
Lost Summer directed by Anna Chi
Guardians directed by David Scott Burns
le Monde Doit M'Arriver directed by Taieb Jonathan
Miami Il Ibiza directed by Jon Jacobs
Abram's Hand directed by James Christopher
Vangaurd directed by Eric Wadsworth
La Peria De Jorge directed by Pablo Fernandez-Vilalta
Stand-Up: A documentary by Jennifer Darwin directed by Sezar Alkassab
Villa, Ininerario De Una Pasion directed by Maria De Lourdes Deschamps Briones
Jenna Hai Toh Thok directed by Manish Vatsayla

Documentary Film Competition
Why in the World are They Spraying directed by Barry Kolsky
Maria the Korean Bride directed by Maria Yoon
Where Should the Birds Fly directed by Frida Qishta
Forced Confessions directed by Maziar Bahari
Red, White and Blueprints: A Rust Belt Documentary directed by Jack Storey
Be Home Soon: Letters From My Grandfather directed by Melissa Howden
Father, Daughter, Mother Road directed by Amber E. McKenzie
Risky Business: A look Inside America;s Adult Film Industry directed by David Mech

Short Film Competition
Austin, We Have a Problem directed by Andrew Burlinson
BLU directed by Nicoale Constantin Tanase
Spaceman Wilson directed by Tim Scott
Heat directed by TJ Thyne
Family Pride directed by Moana Sherrill
Returning Home directed by Jason Honeycutt
Step N' Soul directed by Toma Jablon
A Performance directed by Guy Paterson
Sunny Boy Directed by Jane Gull
After I Did Sex (A.I.D.S) directed by Norma Davis

Hawaii Film Competition
Mask directed by Jaime Peak
Rusti Escapes! directed by Pamela Davis

Animation Film Competition
King Tigermore in Strawberry Fields directed by Tunde Reid-Kapo
Retrocognition directed by Eric Patrick

Student Film Competition
Buzzkill directed by Charlie Sporns
Jamon directed by Iria Lopez
Leaving Houston directed by Simeon Boyle
Apart directed by Alastaur Richardson
Motorbike Midwife directed by Masumi Higashi
Sur Le Quai directed by Guillaume Comtois
Life Without directed by Franz Erian
Us & Them directed by Carrie Ferrante
Magniloquent directed by Michael Mastronardi
Sketch directed by Andrew Wood

Music Video Competition
A House, A Home directed by Daniel Fickel
Моби - "вэ Дэй" directed by Kai Waker
Dear Someone directed by Tetsuo Kamata

Screenplay Competition
Prison Resort - written by Carl Brecht
Time And Space - written by Steven Prowse
Besa - written by Michael Miceli
A Kind World - Zachary Vojdani
Remember That Summer Night - written by Stefania Anutoiu
Godbodies - written by Rio Costa

Television Pilot Competition
Indie directed by Josh Billig